Shim Shamming in The Rain

Shim Shamming in The Rain

Shim Shamming in The Rain

Is there a better way to pass the time during a storm?  On Sunday August 16th 2015, the heavens opened and the rain came down in buckets onto The Jazz Age Lawn Party.  But not even sheets of rain could stop the party for long!  While the stage was covered in tarps, the dance floor flooded, and the rain still coming down, the revelers broke into a Shim Sham Shimmy, led by Sammy Coleman, while everyone else had run for cover!  This year marks the 10th Anniversary of The Jazz Age Lawn Party – an amazing weekend event created and produced by Michael Arenella which occurs twice during the summer on Governor’s Island, New York City.  (click on gif to view full size or click for hi-res)

About Jane Kratochvil

Jane Kratochvil is a Brooklyn based photographer specializing in events, portraits, headshots and architectural night photography. Jane is credited as a portrait and events photographer for such clients as Coyne Public Relations, Cutler Salon for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The Wall Street Journal, and the DUMBO Arts Council. Her amazing photographs of New York City are frequently published online and have recently been seen in various print publications and promotional pieces. Please contact Jane at or call at 718-791-7177 for rates. Visit Jane Kratochvil's website: All images on this blog are COPYRIGHT 2015 JANE KRATOCHVIL - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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1 Response to Shim Shamming in The Rain

  1. Julia Loving says:

    We did the Shim Sham in true honor of the legendary Lindyhopper Mr. Frankie Manning. He said, Swing makes you happy. As you could see not even the rain stopped us from enjoying the Jazz Age Lawn Party. Jazz is made to dance to. Keep Swinging Y’all! Special shootouts to my three dates and shim sham partners Samuel Coleman, Brandon Barker and the tap dancer that started our rain dance Brian Davis.

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