The Champagne Riot: Teach Me Tonight!

TheChampagneRiot_Sept_2012_JKratochvil_6823The Champagne Riot presents TEACH ME TONIGHT at the elegant Iridium Jazz Club, a back-to-school soiree in the Riot’s patented fizzy-buzzy vintage style.

We guarantee you’ll feel like an A+ when you’ve got a song on your lips and a wiggle in your hips, so put aside your study guides for an evening filled with flirtatious fun and romantic revelry.


Sensational Stripteasing Chanteuse AMBER RAY
Breathtaking Bendable Beauty EKATERINA
The Girl With The Curves & The Angles MISS JEZEBEL EXPRESS
Twenties Tap Sensation GIN MINSKY
The Girl Who Spins You Round EVELYN VINYL
and Iridium’s own Jazz Baby, CAROLE CLIMAXTHE GELBER & MANNING BAND will give you a toe-tapping jazz lesson featuring musical phenomenons Ronnie Magri and Michael Hashim and emcee DANDY WELLINGTON will be talking out of school all night!Dress To Impress: If you’re the bookish type, now’s the time to trot out your sexiest vintage scholarly style or lusty librarian vibe. If you’re more into playing hooky, well… flappers, strumpets, rogues & thieves are all always welcome at The Riot. We love dashing haberdashery and suspenders for men, fishnets, feathers and fringe for the dolls. See you in study hall, kittens!  — courtesy of

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About Jane Kratochvil

Jane Kratochvil is a Brooklyn based photographer specializing in events, portraits, headshots and architectural night photography. Jane is credited as a portrait and events photographer for such clients as Coyne Public Relations, Cutler Salon for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The Wall Street Journal, and the DUMBO Arts Council. Her amazing photographs of New York City are frequently published online and have recently been seen in various print publications and promotional pieces. Please contact Jane at or call at 718-791-7177 for rates. Visit Jane Kratochvil's website: All images on this blog are COPYRIGHT 2015 JANE KRATOCHVIL - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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