It’s a tough job but …

It’s a tough job but … somebody’s got to do it.  Yesterday I had the joy of photographing kittens who – along with their mother – are up for adoption.  I was asked to photograph the little family by a woman who is a guardian angel to the stray and abandoned cat population in her neighborhood.  Over the years, she has rescued hundreds of animals – dogs too – spending her own money, and living on a very modest income.   In order to avoid the real possibility of people “dumping” animals outside of her home, I cannot divulge her name or neighborhood.  It’s too bad because she also happens to live in one of the coolest homes around and location scouts often ask if they can film there.  I am very eager to take her portrait some day soon and hopefully tell her story.  If you are interested in adopting, please contact me.

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About Jane Kratochvil

Jane Kratochvil is a Brooklyn based photographer specializing in events, portraits, headshots and architectural night photography. Jane is credited as a portrait and events photographer for such clients as Coyne Public Relations, Cutler Salon for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The Wall Street Journal, and the DUMBO Arts Council. Her amazing photographs of New York City are frequently published online and have recently been seen in various print publications and promotional pieces. Please contact Jane at or call at 718-791-7177 for rates. Visit Jane Kratochvil's website: All images on this blog are COPYRIGHT 2015 JANE KRATOCHVIL - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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2 Responses to It’s a tough job but …

  1. josh derr says:

    Too cute! Did you shoot with the 5d?

  2. Nope. Used the Nikon D700 with a Nikkor 50mm. I have to say it wasn’t easy photographing them. They were rolling around and playing the whole time. I wish I was there during the afternoon nap!

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